It’s a great feeling when you get that fresh trim at the barbers. Luckily for you we’ve put together our top tips for maintaining a fresh haircut, to make that feeling last longer.

Keep your beard in shape.

To prevent your beard from becoming unruly, tidy it up between barbershop visits. Whether your sporting a short or long beard, this is one simple way to keep your face looking fresh and tidy.


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Tidy up your hairline.

Hair clippingNeck tidy up

Keep your sideburns in check using a clipper. If the hair on you neckline tends to grow quickly, get someone else to give it a little touch up. Making sure these two areas a nicely defined will give the illusion of a new haircut, no matter the length on top.


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Don’t forget the eyebrows.

Eyebrow trimming

This may or may not be an area your barber addresses when you’re in the chair, but giving your eyebrows a trim to eliminate any strays is a great way to keep your face looking tidy.

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Condition & Moisturise.

This applies to your face, hair and beard. Conditioning your hair after a wash will keep it looking healthier between cuts. Likewise for your beard, a good beard oil will keep it feeling soft, making it easier to maintain.

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Pomp haircut

Choose a suitable style.

The key to easy maintenance? It all starts in the barber chair. If you know you’re not going to be a frequent visitor to the barbershop, ask your barber to give you a cut that requires less maintenance. This usually involves a longer cut, as it’s less obvious when it grows out. Use this to your advantage and play around with the style using gels and waxes.

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