Why horses are clipped?

  • Clipping is beneficial to a horse that will be worked throughout the winter because it prevents the horse from becoming too sweaty and overheating.
  • Clipping can also help the overweight horse. Horses who are overweight can be clipped to help them drop a few pounds over the colder months.
  • It can help prevent your horse’s tack rubbing
  • Clipping your horse can cut down on time spent grooming
  • Keeping the legs and fetlocks clipped can help prevent conditions such as mud fever as the mud will have no hair to cling onto
  • Horses with some health conditions, for example, Cushings disease, may be unable to shed out their winter coat in the spring, so clipping does this for them.

Horse rider and her horse

When to clip your horse?

The clipping season starts in October, once horses ‘winter coat has come through. The average horse will need clipping every 3-5 weeks until Christmas to keep on top of hair growth.
Most horse’s groomers / owners stop clipping at the end of January as this is roughly the time your horse starts to grow their summer coat.
Competition horses and horses with a thicker coat can clipped all year round.

Which Clip?

The type of clip depends on the amount of work you intend to do and how you will keep the horse over winter. If he lives out 24/7 and you only hack out it is unlikely he would need a full clip. See the guide below for a variety of popular clips and their uses (i.e. ideal for light/medium/heavy workload).

Note: When you clip your horse you are removing his natural protection from the elements so he will need to be rugged appropriately.

How to Clip?

Once you have decided on a suitable type of clip for your horse and you have all the necessary tools:

  • Mark up where you’re going to clip, using saddle soap or chalk
  • Turn the clippers on away from your horse and approach calmly
  • Start at the shoulder, as this is a less sensitive area
  • Use long, overlapping strokes going against the direction of hair growth
  • Pull horse’s skin tight with your free hand and do not attempt to clip folds or wrinkled skin
  • When clipping around elbows have a helper pull the front leg forward so you can reach more easily
  • Do not force the clippers through the coat.
  • When clipping whorls (where the direction of hair growth changes), change the direction/angle of your clippers accordingly
  • Once finished brush off any loose hair with a Wahl soft brush

Use a hot cloth on your horse to remove any grease and give a clean finish.

Top Tips:

  • Remember to brush and oil your clippers every 10 minutes or as needed
  • Check that the blades are not getting too hot or blunt; swap them for a spare set if they are
  • Drip oil lubricates the blades better than a spray oil
  • Have a rug to hand to put on your horse while you’re clipping to help keep them warm. If you’re clipping the neck and chest, for example, you can fold the rug back so that it sits on his quarters
  • If using a main clipper, always use a circuit breaker
  • Spraying coat shine on your horse’s body before you clip will help the clipper glide through
  • Use your free hand to pull the chest taught as you clip
  • Have some trimmers to hand to get in those hard to reach places around the head and legs
  • Make sure your horse is rugged once you’ve finished clipping

Which clipper or trimmer should you choose:

A few considerations before choosing the correct clipper/trimmer;

The amount of horses to clip: If you will be clipping a full yard of horses you may want to consider a powerful mains powered clipper such as the Wahl Lister Legend.

Clippers or TrimmersTrimmers can be used for basic clips, but their main job is tidying up difficult areas such as around the head and legs. Clippers are mainly used for large areas of the body and take up less time as they are generally larger in size.  Trimmers are usually lighter, smaller and quieter and so are great for use around more sensitive areas or for use on a young/nervous horse. The Wahl Lister Adelar is whisper quiet with almost unnoticeable vibration, this trimmer cuts through all coat types, effectively removing hair from legs, head, face and ears; but is powerful enough to hog a mane.

5 reasons you need the Wahl Lister Star Clipper – Not only because it is on Sale!

  1. Perfect coat finish
    Achieve a fast clip with less effort with the easy handling and slim design STAR to get that perfect coat finish
  2. Time Saving
    Interchangeable air filter, helps to reduce maintenance time
  3. Reduces Wrist Fatigue
    Lightweight to make clipping easy over a longer period of time
  4. Longer Life
    High quality material allows the blades to be sharpened more making them more efficient and cost effective
  5. Ribbed Back blades
    The ribbing on the blade reduces weight and heat transfer while also helping guide the blade across the animal’s coat
    Wahl Lister Star Clipper

All Wahl Lister Clippers and Trimmers are manufactured in England.