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Are Percussion Massagers Good for Runners?


With the re-opening of Parkrun in the U.K and the plethora of “couch to 5K” races, many runners experience muscle pain. After a long or difficult run, excess metabolic waste pools in your leg muscles cause inflammation and soreness.

Percussion massagers use rapid strikes to circulate that waste product into your circulatory system. A few studies indicate that vibration therapy, a form of percussive therapy, is effective at reducing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), although research on massage guns is scant.


How to Use Your Massager

Runners who have tested the Wahl Massager have three tips to get the most out of our percussion massager:


  1. Hold the device at a 45-degree angle, with the application head in contact with the target muscle.
  2. Use it pre-run to stimulate muscle activation and potentially improve power, and post-run to improve recovery and reduce DOMS. And for muscle activation, spend just 30 seconds on the target muscle prior to your workout.
  3. For relief and recovery, two minutes on each muscle will suffice.

Attachment heads

Wahl Massagers come with a choice of heads that can be used for different purposes:


  1. Deep Muscle attachment will provide a deeper massage, with a gentle thumping movement.
  2. Four Finger Flex has soft finger-like nodes which replicate the feel of the human touch and can serve as a gentle vibrating rake on the quads and calves.
  3. Unique Flex has a wide surface area to cover larger areas such as your back and quads.
  4. Triad attachment has multiple ridges to kneed tense muscles for an intense massage.
  5. Spine attachment can accurately target pressure points around the spine.

Pressing a percussion massager into sore tissues to get runners ready for races. The Deep Tissue Cordless Percussion Massager can easily by carried in sport bags to prevent a cramped hamstring after the race too!

The Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager shape is also unique and different from all the “guns” on the market; the long arm is less awkward to use when users need to massage the upper and lower back muscles.


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