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Animal Grooming

As a professional groomer, time is your most valuable asset. Each day you are faced with a myriad of appointments and clients, and the efficiency with which you can complete each grooming session can make a significant difference in your overall productivity and success. That’s where the Wahl KM Cordless Clipper comes in to revolutionise the way you groom. We will be exploring how this innovative grooming tool can save you precious minutes and make your grooming sessions more streamlined and productive.

Caroline Donoghue - @lovemuddoglady (Professional Dog Groomer)

I love my WAHL KM's for such thick coats, their constant speed control delivers extra power right where you need it

- Caroline Donoghue - @lovemuddoglady (Professional Dog Groomer)

Cordless Freedom

The most obvious time-saving advantage of the Wahl KM Cordless is the cordless design. Gone are the days of untangling cords, searching for nearby power outlets, or being limited in your movement. With the cordless freedom that this clipper offers, you can move around your grooming station with ease, reaching those tricky spots without any restrictions. No more wasted time adjusting cords or being confined to a specific area – the Wahl KM Cordless gives you the flexibility to groom with unparalleled freedom.

Powerful Cutting Performance

Timesaving in grooming sessions does not mean compromising on cutting performance. The Wahl KM Cordless comes equipped with a high-performance rotary motor that effortlessly glides through all types of fur, reducing the time you spend on each pet. Its exceptional cutting power ensures quick and line-free trims, making it an ideal tool for tackling even the thickest and coarsest coats.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The Wahl KM Cordless is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery that offers a run-time of 120 minutes from a 60-minute charge. This means you can go through multiple grooming sessions on a single charge, eliminating the need for frequent charges and disruptions in your workflow. Additionally, the clipper’s quick-charge feature ensures that you can get it up and running promptly if you ever need a quick power boost during a busy day.

Reduced Noise Levels

A calm and stress-free grooming environment leads to more cooperative pets/clients. The Wahl KM Cordless Clipper operates at a low noise level, creating a soothing grooming experience for your furry customers. Reduced noise levels also mean less anxiety for pets, resulting in smoother grooming sessions that require less time to manage anxious animals.

Time is undoubtedly a valuable resource for professional groomers, and the Wahl KM Cordless Clipper understands that like no other grooming tool. With its cordless freedom, powerful cutting performance, adjustable blade system, ergonomic design, long-lasting battery life, and reduced noise levels, this clipper is a time-saving champion that enhances your efficiency and productivity as a groomer. Embrace the time-saving benefits of the Wahl KM Cordless Clipper and watch your grooming sessions become more rewarding. Your clients, both human and furry, will thank you for it.

Frankie Seamark - @henryshouseofgrooming (Professional Dog Groomer)

I have been using the WAHL KM Cordless on lots of different breeds of dogs and I am so impressed

- Frankie Seamark - @henryshouseofgrooming (Professional Dog Groomer)

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