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Horse Grooming: Autumn Care and Tips

Animal Grooming

With Autumn on the way and the colder weather approaching it is time to change up your Horse Grooming routine. Grooming your horse frequently is an important part of equestrian care. Caring for your horse is a significant element to your horse’s health and wellbeing.

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Brushing and Curry Combing!

Your horses shiny summer coat will begin to disappear and be replaced with long, thick hairs that require more attention.  To get the best out of your horse’s coat, it is good to spread their natural oils all over their coat using grooming tools.

The best equine grooming tool for body grooming is a curry comb. The Wahl Rubber Curry has been specifically designed for easy, effective use and comfort for the horse and groomer. This short-toothed horse grooming brush is made with rubber and can be used to rub or “curry” the loose hair, dirt, debris and other particles from under your horse’s coat surface. In addition, when using in a circular motion it can stimulate the skin for healthy blood flow and the production of natural oils.

When using a curry brush, it helps to stop every now and then to flick loose hairs and dirt off your horse using the Wahl Stiff Bristle Body Brush.

Afterwards, use the Wahl Soft Bristle Body Brush to remove smaller particles and grease from the coat. This brush provides a soothing sensation to the horse and encourages natural oils to move through the coat for a healthy shine. We also have a version that is smaller and designed for gentle use on the face – Wahl Face Brush.



Before the winter weather truly appears, it’s a good idea to give your horse one final bath. When doing so, make sure to use a super gentle shampoo and add a conditioner afterwards. With their longer coat they’re going to be growing in, it’s important to keep their natural oils to act as a natural protection and shine for their coat.

For easy removal of knot and tangles, ensure your horses mane and tail is clean. Wahl Shampoos and Conditioners can aid in detangling, making brushing more comfortable for yourself and your horse. As an added help, try Wahl Easy Groom Detangler. It is a leave-in conditioning treatment, perfect for teasing out any tangles and knots without pulling.


Check Your Horses Hooves!

It is important to clean your horse’s hooves of dirt, mud, stones, gravel and debris throughout the year. If left and the hooves are not picked, this can lead to discomfort, infection, and lameness.

A hoof pick is a hooked tool with a handle, usually made of metal or plastic that removes all material that gets packed into the sole of a horse’s hoof. Simply lift horse’s foot so that the bottom of the hoof is reachable, then pick out the trapped debris from heel to toe.

The Wahl Hoof Pick has an ergonomic handle with soft rubberized surface for maximum user comfort. Modern design and outstanding quality. Removes incrustations and dirt effortlessly from the hoof, thanks to its reinforced stainless-steel hook!


Trim Up Leg Hair

If the weather makes things muddier and wetter it’s a good idea to trim your horse’s leg hair.

Ideal for trimming on the go, the Wahl Pocket Pro Battery Operated Trimmer is compact and ergonomic. With a close trimming blade, it is ideal for trimming ‘difficult to reach areas’ such as your horse’s muzzle, whiskers, face, ears and legs!


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