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HOW TO: Disconnected Undercut

How To

With Wahl Artistic and Education Team member 5ive.

How to create a disconnected undercut, a step by step guide.

Watch the video. 


Step 1

To start the disconnected undercut, put in fade baseline using the Cordless Detailer Li, with high precision T-Blade.


Step 2

Create bald fade up to baseline using the Finale. 

With the highest quality hypoallergenic gold, the Finale’s ultra-fine foil enables a cutting length.


Step 3

#2 guide comb with taper open then closed with your chosen clipper, 5ive uses the Genio Pro. Then blend on the angle and fade out map line to #0.


Step 4

Switch to a #1 guide comb with taper open then closed and blend on the angle and fade out map line


Step 5

No guide comb with taper open and then #2 guide comb with taper open


Step 6

Stretch out fade with no guide comb and taper open, remove bulk and taper sides


Step 7

Cut layers starting from the crown, working left to right using vertical sections. Over direct ½ inch sections back to guide


Step 8

Switch to the All-in-One Blade (position 1) and create texture using ‘flick & smack’ motion. Then move to position 2 and peel through sections.


Step 9

Dry front using scrunch technique and back using a vent brush


Step 10

Using the Cordless Detailer Li again, create a hard parting and shape up hairline.


Step 11

Sharpen lines with a Shave Razor, first applying Pre-Shave Oil for a smooth, irritation-free shave.


Step 12

Style to finish. 5ive uses Academy Klay for a matt, textured finish.


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