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How to Use the Wahl Compact Massager


The Wahl Compact Massager is a pocket-sized massager that can be used for a comforting massage any time and anywhere. With Five attachments, you can easily target specific problem areas that may be in the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, back, legs, arms, hands and feet. The vibration movements specifically target stress and tension and offers instant relief.

There are several massage techniques that you can achieve with this portable massaging tool.


The Attachments:

  1. The Facial Sponge attachment has a soft surface that provides a revitalising facial massage.


  1. The All-purpose attachment can be used across the full body and provides a gentle vibration for overall relaxation.


  1. The Deep Muscle attachment will provide a deeper massage with the ripple effects that deliver a soothing movement.


  1. The Raised Bump attachment can be used for an intense massage as the ridges target tense muscles.


  1. The Spot Application attachment will pinpoint specific target areas.

Which Body Parts to Use the Compact Massager On:

  1. Face – Gently massage from the nose outward, taking care to avoid contact with the eye.


  1. Scalp – Start at the back of the neck and massage up to the top of the head. Using this up and down motion, massage across the scalp.


  1. Chest- Massage from centre of chest outward, and up toward each shoulder.


  1. Shoulders and Neck – Massage each shoulder toward back of neck to point just behind and below ear. Then back to shoulder. Repeat several times.


  1. Arms – Start with a gentle massage of the palms and fingers. Next, using a circular motion, move upward to forearms. Then up to biceps and shoulders.


  1. Abdomen – Relax abdominal muscles by massaging from centre outward, using a gentle, circular motion.


  1. Back – Massage from top of spine to bottom, and from centre outward.


  1. Legs – If desired, massage bottoms of feet. Then, using a circular motion, massage each leg from calf on up and over thigh.


  1. Joints – Relieve tired, aching knees and elbows with smooth, circular strokes.

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