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Pet Grooming Sale 2021

Animal Grooming

The Wahl Pet Grooming Sale is on!


This post compiles our top recommended products to snap up fincluding grooming tools, dog shampoos, pet conditioners, paw spray and more!


Grooming Tools

Using a dog brush regularly is essential in maintaining your dog’s coat. With 20% off of our pet grooming tools, what better time to update your kit or invest in some great quality brushes?

For short haired dogs, we recommend using a brush with bristles, nylon or rubber pins to avoid agitating the skin. This includes our Grooming Glove, Sheddy Rubber Brush and Double-Sided Soft Brush.

For long haired dogs, we advise tools that are ideal for removing knots, tangles and matts such as our Large Nylon Slicker Brush, Small Nylon Slicker Brush and Soft Grip Dematter.

Curly haired dogs require regular brushing with long, firm pins as they don’t shed their coats. For this fur type we recommend using our Grooming Comb, Large Slicker Brush and Small Slicker Brush.

Double-coated dogs are known for being big shedders meaning they are high maintenance in terms of grooming. To manage shedding, we recommend using the Double Row Rake & Shedding Blade which has a dual head system to remove loose hair from the topcoat and undercoat.

The perfect tools for wiry haired dogs are our Double-Sided Brush and Palm Pal Brush. These grooming tools are suited to tackle the shorter undercoat as well as the longer topcoat. Use the pin side to gently remove any tangles and the bristle side to remove loose hair from the surface.



Save 15% off 500ml and 10% off of 5L. Can’t decide which one to purchase? Here are our top four:

Dirty Beastie has been designed to be powerful yet gentle. It actively removes dirt, grease, stains and odours. The perfectly balanced formula effectively cleanses dirty, thick and matted coats and deodorises even the smelliest pet’s coat!

Oatmeal Essence is the perfect shampoo for dogs with very sensitive skin. It contains oat proteins to soothe and reduce irritation. The carefully crafted formula has natural coconut extract and almond oil to moisturise and condition your pet’s hair.

Deep Black is designed to give black, grey and blue coats a new lease of life! It effectively removes dirt, grease, and staining, leaving your pooch smelling fresh!

Copper Tones revitalises, refreshes and enhances the natural red and brown pigmentation within your pet’s coat. It leaves a sweet and fruity banana scent with supporting notes of pineapple on a vanilla base.


Conditioning Treatments

Have a pet with a thick, tangled, or knotted coat? The Easy Groom Conditioner is a perfectly balanced formula designed to create smooth, silky and easily manageable coats. It consists of conditioning compounds that enrich, moisturise and protect hair, revitalising the coat without leaving sticky or waxy residue.

Alternatively, The Easy Groom Detangler is a leave-in conditioning treatment, perfect for teasing out any pet coat’s tangles and knots without pulling. The formula contains vitamins, proteins and minerals to nourish the hair while moisturising, for a smooth and silky finish.


Paw and Claw Care

As well as their coat, your pets’ paws need looking after too!

Our Paw Protection Spray is a gentle formula made with natural, soothing ingredients including Aloe Vera and Lavender Oil. Designed to restore moisture of all pets’ paws, it protects your pups’ pads from allergens, snow, sun and rough terrain.

In addition to looking after your pet’s paw pads, you also need to take care of their claws. The prefect tool for maintaining your pets’ nails is the Battery Nail Grinder. It trims, shapes and smooths the nails whilst reducing the risk for potential accidents.

Alternatively, you can use claw clippers. The Wahl Cat and Dog Nail Clippers are outfitted with a safety stop guard which overcomes the risk of overcutting. The semi-circular indentations in both blades allow you to see exactly where you’re cutting the pet nail.


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