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    Lister Summer Clipping

There’s a misconception that clipping during summer harms a horse’s coat. However, with proper care, this isn’t necessarily true! In fact, many horses benefit from year-round clipping.

Certain breeds like cobs and drafts may require summer clipping to manage their temperature and remove thick feathers, which can be beneficial for health or show purposes.

Disciplines such as show jumping and dressage also opt for summer clipping for aesthetic reasons to maintain a clean appearance and aid in post-work recovery.

Considering clipping this summer? We’ve got you covered! Introducing our specialized summer clipping blade, the Covercote Blade. Designed with 24 teeth and leaving 5mm of hair, our Covercote Blade thins the coat without reducing its length, giving a smooth, even finish and enhancing the natural summer shine.

For more information on our blade range and the Covercote Blade, click here.

Please note, whether clipping in summer or winter, it’s essential to rug your horse appropriately for the weather—using fly rugs in summer and heavier rugs in winter.