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Wahl Finale Finishing Tool

Professional Tips

Everything you need to know about the Wahl Finale - The Ultimate Finishing Tool

A Close Finish

After the bulk has been removed and your cut is nearly complete, use the Wahl Finale to tighten up fades and eliminate stray hairs for the perfect finish.

This precision tool will get as close as 0.1mm, an essential for every barber toolkit.


Get The Best Results

Use extra light, brush-like strokes to get a smooth blend and protect the ultra-fine foil.

The hypoallergenic gold foil will naturally reduce the risk of skin irritation, for best results gently stretch the skin when using.


Quick Guide To Finale Maintenance

Follow these steps every day to get the best results from your Wahl Finale Finishing Tool and make it last longer.


  1. Release foil head using the quick release button
  2. Use Blade Ice to clean the cutter bar and the foil head
  3. Inspect the cutter for bent or broken teeth
  4. Use Blade Oil to lubricate the cutter and wipe of any excess
  5. Always cover with the foil guard provided

Find Out More

Get a close up look at the Wahl Finale here.


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