Refresh your grooming routine with these 5 steps to get you back into your routine before going back to work.


Grooming routine - washing your face

Start the day with a fresh feel by washing your hair and face. If you prefer a close shave, keeping your skin free of any dirt and oils will help to achieve a close shave. Don’t neglect your beard, make sure you’re using a beard shampoo and keeping the skin underneath clean as this will help prevent itching. It doesn’t stop at washing; you should keep your skin and hair nourished by using moisturiser and conditioner.

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All facial hair, from short stubble to full beard requires regular maintenance to keep it looking sharp. For clean shaving you’ll want an electric shaver designed to give you a close, comfortable shave without causing any irritation. Alternatively, you could opt for a close-cutting trimmer to get similar results. Sharpen up your facial hair by using a beard trimmer to line and edge your cheeks and neckline for ultimate definition. For longer beards, you can create a strong shape using a comb or beard shaping tool with your trimmer.

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A well-kept haircut is essential for feeling and looking good, so leave some time in your daily routine for any touch ups. For shaved heads, give yourself a quick once over with a close-cutting clipper to make sure there’s no strays. If it’s been a while since your last trip to the barbers or your sporting a longer style, you might want to use a clipper to tidy up around the edges and to keep it at your preferred length. Pay attention to areas like the ears and neckline if it’s been a while between haircuts.

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These are the small things that can make a big difference. Make sure you give yourself the once-over to take care of those often-forgotten areas. For example, check that your nails are clean and neatly clipped. Check your ears, nose and eyebrows for any unwanted hair growth. You can trim these areas with your personal trimmer or multigroomer for pain-free hair removal.

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Once you’re happy that your grooming routine is complete, finish with styling your hair and beard. A quick dab of beard oil is all you need on your facial hair to keep it conditioned for the day. If you’re looking for a smoother look, you could try a beard straightener to take care of frizzy or curly beards – you can also use this on your hair. Depending on your style, you might benefit from using a hair product to keep your hair in place. If you’ve shaved, then an aftershave lotion is recommended.

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