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HOW TO: Pompadour

How To

With Joth Davies from Savills Gentlemens Barbers

How to create a classic pompadour haircut, a step by step guide.

Watch the video. 


Step 1

Section off hair from the parietal ridge in a ‘U’ shaped section.


Step 2

Remove the weight with comb angled at 45 degree with teeth away from the head to create weight around the perimeter of the haircut.

Joth uses the 100 Year Anniversary Clipper


Step 3

Work from the parietal ridge from the temple to the back of the ear.


Step 4

Clipper over comb from below the crown cutting the hair to the spine of the comb.


Step 5

Clipper over comb the radial section from the fringe to the crown, ½ inch wide, creating guideline.


Step 6

Working from the crown to the front of the hair line in ½ inch sections using previous section as guideline.


Step 7

Leave the corners behind the ears to create weight and create DA shape.


Step 8

Natural dry the hair.


Step 9

Blend the sides in to connect the hair cut whilst leaving weight around perimeter.


Step 10

Shape up hair line.


Step 11

Clipper over comb from just beneath the crown to the nape of the neck to remove the point created in previous steps.


Step 12

Taper neck line to natural finish.


Step 13

Blow dry to shape and comb to style.


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