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Here at Wahl UK we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. We strive to continually reduce energy used and materials consumed throughout our end-to-end supply chain processes.

Green Team

Wahl UK’s Green Team is a dedicated internal team who are always looking for ways to make Wahl UK more GREEN.

Some ways in which they have already done this include:

  • Recycling crisp packets with contribution to charity.
  • Planted approximately 300 trees and plants around the grounds of Wahl UK warehouse. Helping to offset our Carbon Footprint, and to encourage bees, butterflies and other wildlife to the site.

Advice for all of our staff:

  • Go paperless.
  • Unplug devices when not in use.
  • Turn off electronics, lighting and heating when not needed/in use.
  • Maximise natural light.
  • Use reusable bottles and containers.
  • Bring a desk plant (they help reduce office carbon emissions & naturally purify the air).
  • Green Commuting where possible (car sharing, walking, cycling etc.).
Wahl Sustainability

Offices & Warehouse

Changes we have made to improve out sustainability at Wahl UK:

  • Installed EV charging at the office and transitioning company car fleet to hybrid models.
  • Changed all fluorescent lighting to LED throughout the warehouse.
  • Installed water machines and issued colleagues with re-usable water bottles.
  • Going paperless
Wahl Sustainability

Our Products and Packaging:

Changes we have made to improve out sustainability at Wahl UK:

  • Replacing plastic product trays with recyclable cardboard trays.
    plastic blister packaging from products.
  • Changing to non-window boxes for product packaging, eliminating the window plastic.
    non-recyclable/difficult to recycle materials from product packaging.
  • Removing unnecessary plastic/packaging from product.
    Striving to ensure that any plastic packaging used is made of at least 30% recycled.
  • 37% Plastic reduction since 2017.
Wahl Sustainability


In the UK, distributors including retailers must provide a system which allows all customers buying new electrical equipment the opportunity to recycle their old items free of charge.

As a responsible retailer, we have met the requirements placed on us by financially supporting the national

  • 91% of our electrical waste is recycled.
Learn More about Recycling at Wahl
Wahl Sustainability


Working together to help & support our local community

  • for staff nominated & voted ‘Charity of the Year’ since 2015.
  • clippers to charity organisations (Haircuts 4 Homeless).
  • fundraising events for local charity organisations.
  • food and needed items to local food banks.
Wahl Sustainability

Vegan-friendly Product Range

As the demand for vegan products grow, the benefits of plant-based products become more and more evident.

Wahl strives to contribute to reduce an impact on the planet with our growing range of Vegan-Friendly products that have been made and manufactured without the use of animal products.

Wahl Sustainability