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How to Shape Your Beard

Professional Tips

Learn how to shape your beard like a pro with Wahl’s professional tips. Within this video you will learn:

  • How to prepare your beard for the perfect trim
  • How to line-up your beard
  • How to create the perfect shape for your beard
  • How to taper your beard

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Step 1: Preparing your beard

Preparation is key when it comes to achieving a well-groomed beard. Comb through the beard to expose every hair to help create a better shape.


Step 2: Lining up your beard

Begin by punching a line in from the ear to your nose. Pull the skin tight and trim the excess hair away from the line to avoid accidentally cutting into your beard.


Step 3: Creating the shape of your beard

The key to a well-sculpted beard is keeping things short and tidy above the lip and leaving weight around the jaw. You can achieve this by trimming upwards from the top of the lip to the ear, using one guide comb size longer than the area below the lip.

Switch to a guide comb that is one size shorter and trim down from the lip to the jaw. Ensure you flick the trimmer away from the jaw to keep the shape and weight at the bottom. Work all the way around the jawline for a nice even trim.


Step 4: Tapering your beard

Keeping the neck line natural is essential to achieving peak beard. Using a guide comb one length shorter than the rest of your beard, trim up to the jaw line ensuring you follow the growth pattern of the hair. Take another size lower and trim up two inches from the jaw.

Catch any stray hairs by angling the corner of the blade and trimming down on the hair. Using just the blade, blend the edge of your hair line to the skin. Connect the jaw line to the neck by placing a comb under the jaw, angle the teeth away, and trim along the comb, working the whole way round the jaw.


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