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Creative Advanced: Ladies & Gents

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Clippers are not just for barbers! Expand your horizons with this inspirational course which will not only show you how clippers can be used to cut women’s hair but demonstrate techniques that will change the way you look at scissors!

Complete the latest modern cuts on both men and women using a variety of clipper blades. Go beyond fading and learn to texture, blend and layer using your clippers. This course is designed to inspire and add a new talent to your portfolio that will really impress your colleagues and clients.

On this course you will learn:

  • Demonstrations
  • The Wahl 5 step method
  • The latest cuts on both Men and Women
  • To use a variety of clipper blades
  • Texturing, blending, layering
  • Product knowledge
  • Understanding hair
  • One-on-one practical cuts

Three years of experience is recommended for this course.

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