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How to Fit Your Lister Clipper Blades

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Blade Fitting Made Simple


If you own a horse, you know that grooming is a crucial part of ensuring their health and comfort. One important tool in your grooming kit is a set of horse clippers. However, to keep them working efficiently, you need to know how to fit horse clipper blades properly.

Step 1

How to fit your lister clipper blade

Turn the clipper upside-down and carefully fit the top blade to the clipper head.

Step 2

How to fit your lister clipper blade

The crank roller must be located in the socket of the top blade. Fit the bottom blade, ensuring the two holes are fitting over the two pegs.

Step 3

How to fit your lister clipper blade

Insert the tension bolt through the central hole.

Step 4

How to fit your lister clipper blade

Fit the tension spring over the tension bolt and screw the tension nut down tight.

Step 5

How to fit your lister clipper blade

Screw the tension nut down until it stops. Using the marker on the tension nut as a guide, turn the nut back by one-and-a-half turns to set the tension.

How often should I oil the blades?


We recommend oiling the blades using our R15 Blade Oil to lubricate them before use. This will help the blades run smoothly and prevent overheating. Additionally, every 5-10 minutes when in use. Before oiling, brush the blades clean of grit and dirt.

Ensure to oil the following: blades, prong swivel joints, crank roller and both ends of the tension pin via the front oil hole, fulcrum post via the top oil hole.
Frequent oiling will help keep the blades running smoothly by reducing friction and heat, while preventing strain on the motor.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Lister horse clippers are working efficiently and effectively, making grooming your horse a breeze.

How to Change and Oil a Lister Blade:

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