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Pet Sheddy Brush: 3 Reasons Why You Need It in Your Pet Grooming Kit

Animal Grooming

Brushing your dog regularly is essential in maintaining your dog’s coat and wellbeing. While brushing your dog, not only are you bonding with them, but you are removing dirt, mats and tangles as well as stimulating blood flow.

The Wahl Pet Sheddy Brush has a 5-in-1 capability, the dual-head system gently removes dirt, debris, dead fur, soothes the skin and helps to stimulate blood circulation for a healthier and shinier coat. It is a must have grooming tool to have in your pets grooming kit. Here are three reasons why:


1. Remove Loose Fur and Controls Shedding

Regular brushing helps control your dogs shedding by removing any loose fur. It helps your dog feel more comfortable as they won’t have itchy loose fur hanging from their coat or skin. Brushing a high-shedding dog more frequently will help you control and contain shedding better. The rubber teeth gently pull away the loose hair, relieving your pet’s dense coat.


2. Can be Used Wet and Dry

The Sheddy Brush is perfect for scrubbing dirt and debris when shampooing your pet’s coat. The small rubber teeth scrub away dirt, dead skin and loose fur efficiently making it an excellent pet brush for both dry grooming and bathing. It will leave your pet’s skin clean and help restore sheen in the coat.

Additionally, this brush increases the effectiveness of shampoo lathering, meaning less product required and achieving a deeper clean than shampooing alone. This product works particularly well with our Wahl Shampoo.


3. Distributes Natural Oils to Keep your Dog Healthy

In addition to making your dog more comfortable by removing itchy, loose fur, brushing your dog regularly also improves air circulation to their skin. Moreover, the teeth give your pet a comfortable feeling of a massage effect. This soothes the skin and helps to stimulate blood circulation for a healthier and shinier coat. It removes dead fur, stimulates their metabolism and promotes healthy blood circulation.


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