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Puppy Essentials: New Puppy Checklist For Grooming At Home

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Getting a new puppy is an exciting time! Understandably, most of us want to spoil our new family member with toys and accessories – make sure you remember grooming in your new puppy checklist! While your puppy is adjusting to life in their new home, it’s important to get them into a grooming routine so that it doesn’t become an issue in the future. You want your pet to feel completely comfortable being groomed.


Make grooming positive by rewarding them with treats when they are being brushed so they understand it’s a fun and positive experience!

Tiff Saywell, Wahl Grooming Ambassador and Professional Groomer

Small puppy looking up while woman holding cute dog. Little pet taking rest at cozy home. Owner and his new friend.

Dog Coat Care Essentials

Your puppy’s coat will require care and attention to keep it clean. Most coats require regular brushing and occasional bathing at a minimum, but your dog’s coat type and lifestyle will determine how often this should be. If you’re not sure what coat they have, we have a coat guide to help you.


Dog Shampoo For Puppies

A good puppy shampoo should be at the top of your new puppy checklist. Initially, we recommend getting a shampoo which is created specifically for delicate puppy skin.

Recommended Product:

Mucky Puppy Shampoo (ZX608) Image

Our Mucky Puppy Shampoo is formulated so that it’s ready to use for a stress-free first bath time – you won’t need to worry about correctly diluting it. It’s based on natural ingredients including Aloe Vera for extra sensitive skin and has a mild cleansing action that will gently remove grease and dirt from the coat, leaving it clean and easy to brush.


Best Brush For Puppies

It’s good to get your puppy used to being brushed, as they might be prone to mats and tangles in the future which you’ll need to brush out. Not being afraid of brushing makes this much easier! Our range of grooming tools caters to all coat types and sizes.

Recommended Products:

Small Nylon Slicker Brush (58471-002) ImagePalm Pal™ Brush (58524-002) Image

We recommend brushing your puppy with the Small Nylon Slicker Brush as it’s designed for smaller pets. The nylon bristles will be gentle through their puppy coat and will provide a nice massage as you brush through. It’s also comfortable for you with a soft, squishy handle. Alternatively, the Palm Pal™ Brush also has nylon ball bristles for gentle brushing and can be concealed in your hand for nervous puppies.


How To Groom Your Dog At Home

It will depend on your pet’s coat type as to whether you might want to invest in a pet clipper and a trimmer. You should also decide if you’ll be making regular trips to a groomers, or if you’d prefer to groom from head to paw at home.


Trimming Dog Paws

Most paws will benefit from a little trim and tidy, especially those with longer coats. It will help prevent a build up of dirt between the pads and things getting stuck to the fur.

Recommended Product:

Paw Tidy Battery Operated Trimmer 360° Image 36

The Paw Tidy trimmer is ideal to introduce your puppy to paw trims. It has a small blade, perfect for little paws! It’s nice and quiet too, so it won’t be intimidating for a dog new to grooming.


Clipping A Dog

It may be a good idea to introduce your puppy to being around a clipper, particularly for breeds that will grow to have long or thick coats as it’s likely they will need some clipping to maintain.

Recommended Products:


Wahl Pet Starter Dog Clipper Kit


Our Pet Starter Dog Clipper Kit is perfect for first time dog grooming. Suitable for dogs with shorter, smooth coats or wiry coats. You can use this to maintain the coat between trips to the groomers to keep it looking neat and tidy. If you plan to groom your dog at home regularly, the Super Groom is our premium dog clipper which will cope with any coat type. You might want to consider grooming your dog at home particularly if they have a high maintenance coat. You can find out tips on how to clip your dog at home here.


If you really want to spoil them…

We’ve covered the basics for getting your puppy used to home grooming, now on to our favourites that will leave your pooch feeling extra pampered! They’ll also make your life easier!


How To Make Your Dog Smell Good!

Professional Pet Cologne - Group Image 500ML - High JPG

Try using one of our four freshly fragranced Pet Colognes after your puppy has been groomed to leave them smelling extra sweet! Choose from Cherry, Pear, Baby Powder and Coconut. They’re particularly handy to mask wet dog smell after a walk. You can also use them to keep your home smelling fresh!


Cleaning Muddy Dog Paws


Dog Cleaning Wipes – Coconut Lime Verbena (820017) Image

Our Pet Wipes are ideal for muddy paws! Keep them in the car or in your hallway to quickly clean up after a walk to protect your floors and carpets. You can also use them for quick clean-ups between bathing. They’re nice and gentle on the skin and come in two subtle fragrances: Coconut Lime Verbena and Lavender Chamomile.

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