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Discover our James Martin Range or find the perfect gift for someone who loves cooking below!


Compact Processor with Spiralizer Attachment

Treat someone who loves to cook to their very own sous chef - our compact processor. Chopping, mixing, and blending a whole host of ingredients, it saves time and energy. Once you own one, you wonder how you ever lived without it!
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Stainless Steel Hand Blender

This is for anyone who loves cooking and baking! Powerful Stainless Steel 800W Hand Blender with chopper and balloon whisk attachment. Perfect for blending, pureeing, chopping and whisking. Simple to use and easy to clean!
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Healthy Table Top Grill

This one is for anyone keen to cook healthy! Our Table top Grill is an incredibly easy, versatile and healthy way to cook with ridged and flat cooking areas and variable temperature control, is perfect for a variety of foods including steak and fish. Suitable for traveling, especially for camping and caravanning holidays, as well as a compact appliance for students.
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Grind and Chop

Stylish and powerful 200W James Martin by Wahl Grind and Chop with a 70g capacity. Compact, easy to use and incredibly versatile. Wet and dry capabilities, so you can create herb oils, curry pastes and freshly ground coffee at the push of a button.
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Chrome Spice Grinder

Compact Spice Grinder with easy clean removable bowl and unique spice attachment. Use to grind hard and dry foods, such as dried spice, coffee beans, pepper, rock sugar, cinnamon, cumin, bay leaf, dried chili, chickpeas, mint and other relatively dry and crispy materials.
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Stainless Steel Table Blender

The James Martin by Wahl Powerful 1000W Stainless Steel Table Blender with its heavy duty 1.75L glass jug is perfect for blending soups, smoothies, delicious sauces and crushing ice. For those who loves to speed up cooking preparation!
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