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Christmas Gift Ideas

On the hunt for the paw-fect gift for a dog groomer this Christmas? Here are some ideas to help you decide which gift you should buy this season.


Max 45 Clipper

The Wahl Max 45 2-speed professional clipper is designed with a PowerDrive Performance system and works with all lines of pets. The clipper has a fan cooled motor for cooler operation when cutting as well as a longer life. This clipper is ergonomic and lightweight, giving it a correct balance and increasing your comfort and control.
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Professional Pet Cologne

No more smelly dogs! Our Professional Pet Colognes are formulated to deodorise and rejuvenate pet skin and coat. Choose from four scents: Cherry, Baby Powder, Coconut and Pear.
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Pretty Paw Protection Spray

The Wahl Pretty Paw Protection Spray is a gentle formula made with natural and soothing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Lavender Oil. This paw spray has been formulated to restore the moisture of all pets’ paws. The essential minerals improve the resilience of skin and pads.
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Large Nylon Slicker Brush

Firm stainless steel pins reach through thick coats to separate matted hair. The non-slip ergonomic gel handle makes the brush comfortable to use.
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Double Sided Soft Brush

This 2 in 1 brush is suitable for all breeds including small, medium and large dogs. The nylon ball pin bristles remove loose hair, debris and tangles whilst providing a soothing and comforting massage. The soft nylon bristles remove loose hair and stimulate the natural oils in your pet’s coat.
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Grooming Comb

The long stainless steel teeth are designed to remove mats and tangles with very little tugging as they penetrate to the root of your pet’s coat.
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Small Slicker Brush

The fine stainless steel bristles are designed to remove loose hair, debris and tough tangles to achieve a smooth coat. The firm pins are perfect for reaching deep into thick coats.
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Soft Grip Dematter

The Wahl Soft Grip Dematter is the ideal grooming tool to untangle pets fur. The contoured stainless steel teeth remove stubborn mats and tangles, as the sharp, wide spacing of the teeth makes it easier to cut through the mats.
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Stainless Steel Coloured Attachment Combs

Set of Coloured Attachment Combs to increase the cutting length of your clipper. Suitable for the Arco clipper.
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