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10 Ways To Use A Blender

If you think home cooking isn’t for you, think again! With the right appliance in your hands, it’s simple. Get ready to receive tonnes of compliments on your culinary skills when you try out our 10 ways to use a blender. That’s right - blenders aren’t just for smoothies! No matter the season or occasion a table blender is a handy kitchen companion that makes home cooking easy.

Try these 10 ways to use a blender:

Cocktails You don’t need your own private bar tender to serve delicious cocktails at home. With the ability to make crushed ice, you can have all your favourite cocktails on tap. Salsa Salsa Find your perfect blend of smooth and chunky salsa. Using the different speed and pulse settings you can get the perfect balance. Soup When it comes to perfecting a homemade soup, a blender is your best friend. Make easy work of chopping and blending through vegetables to create smooth soups. Dressings & sauces Dressings Impress your friends and family with freshly made sauces and dressings and don’t be afraid to get creative with your ingredients! Nut butters Why not treat yourself to a homemade peanut butter? It’s easier than you think, and you can tailor it to your own tastes! Pancakes The quick and easy way to lump-free batter? Using a blender! Throw in your ingredients and let the blender do the hard work. Pesto A simple pesto is not to be overlooked and now you can whip one up in minutes. Throw it over some pasta and hey pesto! You’ve got yourself a delicious dinner. Mousse Fancy a sweet treat? Get a silky-smooth mousse texture from using your blender. Almond milk Almond milk Or any nut-based milk can be made from scratch using your blender. Quick bread Bread Making bread can seem like a long and complicated process but with your table blender you can just tip your ingredients in and blend! Another benefit being that there’s very little washing up to do afterwards.   To get the best results, you need to make sure you’re using a high quality, powerful table blender. Follow us on Facebook for more recipe ideas and inspiration!