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4 Spring Recipe Ideas

Warmer weather is just around the corner! Now that Spring is in full swing, try some of these easy to make, family friendly Spring recipe ideas to refresh your daily meals.  

Fresh Spring Soups

Soup isn’t just for winter. With plenty of vegetables in season at this time, there loads of great recipes for fresh green soups using watercress, kale and spinach. Using a Table Blender, it’s easy to make your own from scratch so you can play around with your favourite ingredients. Perfect for a light lunch or a starter before your main course. Spinach

Easy Risottos & Curries

When you think of a Slow Cooker, you’ll often think of warm, wintery meals. However, a Slow Cooker is equally handy in the warmer months for throwing together one-pot family meals like risotto or curry. You can use plenty of seasonal vegetables to make it feel more summery. It’s also a great way to use up leftover ingredients and reduce waste.

Spring recipe - Risotto

Healthy Grilled Meat & Fish

Until it’s fully BBQ weather, why not bring the BBQ inside? With a Table Top Grill, you can! Create deliciously grilled meat, fish and even vegetables. It’s easy to play around with different flavours and create your own spice or herb mixes to marinade them in, before popping on the grill for a few minutes. This type of dish is perfect for a quick evening meal as well as cooking for family and friends.

Spring Crumbles & Tarts

The perfect Spring recipe for dessert - you can’t go wrong with a good crumble or tart using seasonal products like rhubarb, apple or lemon. You can easily create pastries and batters using a Hand Mixer and get creative with your favourite toppings. They’re a great dessert for sharing at family gatherings and picnics! Spring recipe - Crumble Shop our range of James Martin by Wahl Kitchen Appliances here.