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5 Immune Boosting Foods and How To Use Them In Your Cooking

During the winter months, we want to do whatever we can to stay healthy and keep our immune system boosted. There are lots of things you can try to give your immune system a natural boost. It’s been suggested that using some of these ingredients in your everyday meals can have a positive effect.   Almonds - Immune boosting food


Almonds are packed with vitamin E which is key to a healthy immune system. You can eat these as they are for a healthy snack or drink almond milk. Ground almonds can be used in baking and cooking. You can easily grind them yourself using the Grind and Chop.   [caption id="attachment_24231" align="alignnone" width="143"]Grind and Chop (ZX889) Image Grind and Chop[/caption] Garlic - Immune boosting food


Garlic is used in most home cooked meals, so you don’t need to try too hard to include it in your diet if you enjoy home cooking. It contains allicin, which has antioxidant qualities that will help boost your immune system. To make things easier and save preparation time, you can use the Grind and Chop to finely chop it ready to add to your recipe.  Ginger - Immune boosting food


A hugely versatile ingredient, used in anything from drinks to desserts, ginger has historically been used as a medicinal ingredient due to the high number of vitamins and minerals it contains. Many use ground ginger in baking for added warmth and spice to a cake or biscuit. For savoury meals, ginger can be used in a curry or stir-fry by creating a ginger paste using the Grind and Chop. Use this as a base for a slow cooked curry for the ultimate immune-boosting meal. Spinach - Immune boosting food


Full of iron and vitamin C, Spinach is famous for its healthy qualities. Cooking spinach can reduce the benefits, so it’s best if you can include it in your food as a raw ingredient. For example, you can use it as a base for a healthy salad. Alternatively, you could blend up a healthy green smoothie using a Hand Blender to get a hit of vitamins and minerals. [caption id="attachment_152780" align="alignnone" width="224"]ZY025 Hand Blender JPG Low Hand Blender[/caption]  Turmeric - Immune boosting food


Turmeric is well known for it’s healing qualities and is used all-over the world. What’s great is that it’s very easy to create tasty dishes using this spice as a key ingredient. For an easy, family friendly meal, you could make delicious curry using a Slow Cooker. For a quick, healthy meal, you could mix up a marinade or rub using a Spice Grinder and cover meat or poultry to be grilled. [caption id="attachment_152781" align="alignnone" width="237"]ZX929 Digital Slow Cooker Low jpg (1) Digital Slow Cooker[/caption]   Sources: British Heart Foundation Healthline