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5 Reasons Why You Need the Special Edition Arco Clipper Kit at Your Station

  1. Ideal for extremely fine fur: The Special Edition Rose Gold Arco Clipper glides through finer coats, reducing the risk of jamming in between the blade, giving you a smooth and perfect result.   2. Uninterrupted grooms: Enjoy 100 minutes of powerful, quiet, snag-free cordless run time thanks to the two battery packs. Each battery offers 100 minutes run time (each battery = 50 minutes) as well as 75 minutes quick charge. Perfect for busy grooming schedules. healthy dog paw   3. Great clipper for introducing puppies into grooming and competitions: Introducing a puppy into grooming is always a daunting task, especially when you’re training them to become a competitor. Thanks to the Arco clipper’s ultra-quiet, lightweight and comfortable design, this clipper is perfect for introducing nervous puppies into grooming.     4. Versatile Styling: As a professional dog groomer it is important to have versatile tools in your grooming kit. The Special Edition Rose Gold Arco Clipper features a 5 in 1 blade that allows you to adjust the blade settings to suit the cutting length and style that you want to achieve. this eliminates the need to stop and change your blades during grooming. 5.Keep it cool: The quick release blade system is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. No tensioning is required and the blades align automatically. The cool running motor ensures cool blades during clipping, making this clipper ideal for sensitive and delicate areas.