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A beginner’s guide to grooming your pet at home

      If you have a dog in your life or your considering welcoming a dog into your home, it is important to know the grooming requirements that your furry family member will need. Grooming your dog at home will not only keep their coats healthy and clean, but it will also keep them calm and happy. To get you started, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide to grooming your pet at home to help you learn the basics.

1. Brushing

To achieve the perfect groom, start by brushing out the knots and mats from the fur. This will prevent the current knots from being more tangled and reduce the risk of creating more when shampooing. If this step is missed it could make clipping difficult and painful for your dog. Shop our brushes: HERE  

2. Washing

Just like humans before a haircut, dogs need shampooing to get rid of dirt, clumps and debris before clipping. Make sure you use a dog-friendly shampoo and gently massage into the coat, avoiding the eyes and any sensitive areas. Shop our shampoos and conditioners: HERE  

3. Clipping

To begin your clip, turn on your clippers before putting them close to the dog to reduce any stress and to de-sensitise. Start the groom at the bottom part of the neck going in the direction of the coat and make your way down the back, followed by the legs and neck. When clipping or trimming areas with folds or wrinkles of the skin, use your spare hand to stretch the skin to prevent the blades from catching the skin. Shop our Clippers: HERE

4. Trimming:

  • Paws: To begin stretch to toe pads and work the trimmer between each pad until there isn’t any fur protruding out of the paw.
  • Ears: Stretch the ear out and work from the centre and stroke the trimmer to the edge.
  • Face: Place the trimmer above the eye and pull down lightly towards the nose.
Shop our trimmers: HERE   Discover more helpful tips in our dog coat grooming guide: https://www.wahl.co.uk/content-hub/