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5 Reasons You Need a Hand Blender

The last year has seen a lot of people becoming keen home chefs and the trend is not slowing down. As we are all cooking far more than ever, why not make the process faster and generally more enjoyable? The James Martin By Wahl Stainless Steel Hand Blender takes care of all your chopping, blending and whisking needs.


Read more to discover 5 Reasons You Need a Hand Blender in your kitchen in 2022.

1. A Great Kitchen Gadget for Beginners

A hand blender is the perfect gift for a new homeowner or a student. To use, simply plug in the electric hand blender, lock the parts together and go. It is one of the easiest hand blenders to use!

Stainless Steel Hand Blender

2. It’s Versatile

The compact blender is used like a spoon to blend various food items. Use the chopper bowl to chop items such as meat, vegetables and nuts and the balloon whisk for blending foods such as eggs and batters. The James Martin by Wahl hand blender also comes with a 500ml beaker ideal for blending sauces, soups, smoothies and purees.

This versatile blender also offers variable speed which gives you full control when blending. Additionally, you can use the turbo boost for tougher ingredients.

James Martin Hand Blender

3. Saves Food Preparation Time

Its powerful 800W motor makes light work of food prep, and it comes with a range of handy attachments. The high-performance stainless-steel blades make quick work of blending, making food preparation effortless. Simply use it to do the harder, more time-consuming jobs in the kitchen and batch prepare foods for the week.

Hand Blender

4. Easy Storage

Unlike traditional bulky blenders, our stainless steel hand blender is a small and portable design. It is easy to store as it doesn’t use a lot of space, even when you are cooking.

Hand Blender

5. Easy to Clean

Additionally, fewer containers = less mess = a reduced amount of clean up time! It is much easier to clean than a food processor or liquidiser! The stainless steel removable blades for easy cleaning and the dishwasher safe parts are stain resistant.

Cleaning a Hand Blender