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5 Reasons You Need the Vacuum Stubble & Beard Trimmer

Save 69% off our Wahl 2-in-1 Vacuum Beard Trimmer in our Black Friday Sale! What better time to update your beard and stubble grooming tool or gift a mess free hair trimmer this Christmas!

Here are five reasons why you need it:


This innovative and powerful beard trimmer catches trimmed hair in the chamber, so no more loose hair left in the sink! Benefit from no mess trimming and easy clean up with the powerful vacuum suction that captures up to 96% of hair. A must-have for travelers, jet-setters and gym-goers.

Vacuum Beard Trimmer

2. It’s for ALL beard lengths

This stubble and beard trimmer features 2 settings for long or short beards. The adjustable vacuum intake accommodates all beard lengths and the removable chambers makes disposing hair trimmings simple and fuss free.

Not only does the integrated vacuum capture unwanted hair ensuring less mess, it also reduces the likelihood of trimmed hair getting trapped in the blade ensuring a smoother shave experience for you.

Vacuum Beard Trimmer

3. It’s Cordless

The advanced Lithium Ion batteries have a powerful cordless run time of 90 minutes from a full charge for freedom of movement. The convenient 1 minute quick charge provides 4 minutes use, perfect for finishing up in the event the charge runs low mid-trim.

Vacuum Beard Trimmer

4. It’s Easy to Clean

Our precision ground, stainless steel blades can be easily detached and rinsed clean for hygienic use every time. The removable vacuum chamber enables the simple disposal of hair trimmings.

Vacuum Beard Trimmer

5. Dual Motor Technology

Its dual motor technology provides individual motors for vacuum and cutting to ensure maximum suction with no loss of trimming power.

Vacuum Beard Trimmer