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How to Fade Your Beard Into A Shaved Head

Lockdown has seen a growing trend towards shaved heads or a buzz cut style as these are simple cuts to achieve at home. However, it’s also been the perfect opportunity for many of us to experiment with growing a longer beard. But, how do you style these two trends together? Check out our guide on how to fade your beard into a shaved head below.

Shaping your beard

Before you start, trim your beard to the desired length. Once you have achieved this, make sure you finish off with some shaping. Use the trimmer head without attachment combs to get a closer cut, and shape around the moustache, cheeks and neck lines for a sharp look.

Blending your beard

Next, pick up your WAHL beard trimmer and start with the top where your beard meets the hair line. Pull the skin tight and move the trimmer against the grain with the an attachment comb on, which should be a grade lower than your beard. You can then go back over the area using a downward motion to catch any stray hairs. Remember to keep the fade line level with your ear. Switch to the next attachment comb a grade lower than previous and blend the top section of the beard to the scalp

Watch the video tutorial:

Recommended trimmers for beard fades:

Colour Trim

The Colour Trim Stubble & Beard Trimmer features coloured combs that match the code on the trimmer, making it simple to choose your cutting length. 8 guide comb attachments for a variety of cutting lengths.

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Aqua Blade Wet/Dry Stubble & Beard Trimmer

Trim, Edge and Shave with a blade that cuts 60% closer than our standard trimmer blade, without the irritation of a traditional razor blade. The wide T-Blade is perfect for creating sharp lines and it comes with 16 attachment comb lengths to give you plenty of versatility when you come to fade your beard.

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Beard shaping

Precision Glide Waterproof Trimmer

The Precision Glide trimmer allows you to select your cutting length without the need to switch to different attachment combs. The 39 lock-in lengths progress in 0.5mm increments, which helps you to select precise lengths and helps to create a gradual fade look.

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Wahl Precision Glide