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Introducing the Wahl Pro Shine Curling Tong

Create longer lasting, shinier curls.

Add volume, texture and shine to your client’s hair using the Wahl Pro Shine Curling Tong. With a Keratin infused ceramic coated barrel to protect the hair from heat and snagging, resulting in shinier and silkier curls. The extra-long barrel makes it easier and quicker to curl longer hair, while the 360° rotating tip allows you to style from any angle. Protect finer textures using lower heats settings with the adjustable temperature control.

Available in five sizes to create different styles from tight curls to beachy waves.

Curling Tongs for Tight Curls

Big texture has been making a comeback over the last year. Your clients may be looking to enhance their natural curls or bring some volume and shape to their hair. This can be created easily with a curling tong with a thin barrel, for super tight curls.

Recommended: 13mm & 16mm Curling Tong
tight curled hair

Curling Tongs for Medium Curls

A medium curl always looks glamorous and is perfect for clients wanting a sleek finish for an occasion. It’s a style that really suits any length. To create a medium curl, it makes sense that you need a medium sized barrel. Make use of the clasp to create consistent curls.

Recommended: 19mm & 25mm Curling Tong
Medium curl hair

Curling Tongs for Loose Curls and Waves

Loose curls and waves are still going strong as a trend. It’s ideal for an everyday look and for client’s that still want a bit of volume and texture when they leave the salon. Use a large curling tong and comb the curls out once they have set to create luscious waves.

Recommended: 32mm Curling Tong
Wavy hair curling tong

You can shop all sizes of the Pro Shine Curling Tong here.