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Long Beard Styles: How To Grow and Maintain A Long Beard


The result of not going out as much and working from home might be that you’ve let your usual grooming routine slide. Not to worry, this could be the perfect opportunity for growing the long beard you’ve always wanted! There’s also the added bonus that you can cover the awkward growth stage with a mask! Here’s all the tips and tricks you need to get you started on your big beard mission:



Once you’ve committed to growing out a full beard, it will take a bit of patience until you reach your desired length. Get through the itchy stage of beard growth by using plenty of moisturiser and beard oil to replenish the skin and hair. Keeping the hair well hydrated will help to stop any breakage encourage healthy growth. Daily brushing is required during this stage to prevent a build up of tangled hair.


After the growth stage, you’ll need to create the shape of your long beard. This will depend on your face shape and preference – make sure you have a comb and a good trimmer to hand. No matter what shape you’re going for, the WAHL Aqua Blade will make the trimming process easy. With an extra-wide T-Blade, you can create precise edges and lines to get that perfect shape. Use the comb to create the desired angle and keep it consistent while you trim in the shape.

Trimming your beard


Big beards are great if you’re looking to avoid daily shaving, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is a low maintenance look. You need to stay on top of trimming, at least weekly, to keep the shape neat and tidy. Not to mention, if you have curlier hair you might want to straighten your beard with a Beard Straightening Brush for a smoother look. If you’re struggling to maintain your shape or feel like it needs a freshen up, ask your barber for a professional shape-up. This will help to ensure your beard shape is even. Daily shampooing and oiling is also a must for a fresh, moisturised beard. Again, your barber will be able to recommend products based on your style and hair type, so make sure you ask on your next visit.