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QUICK GUIDE: Complete Grooming Routine

Whether you have a big date coming up or just need to freshen up your grooming routine, this is our quick guide grooming:


A well-kept haircut is essential for a good grooming routine.

For longer hair, use a hair clipper between trips to the barbershop to keep your hairlines tidy and the length exactly how you like it.

If you prefer a short style, you can create a buzz cut at home by cutting to one length all over.

Elite Pro Haircutting Kit 360° Image 1





Any beard length, from short stubble to long and bushy, requires a bit of maintenance to keep it looking sharp.

With the right trimmer and attachments, maintaining designer stubble is easy. For a longer beard, use a trimmer to keep the shape sharp and trim down any stray hairs.

Read our Beard Maintenance Guide


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Total Groom 4-in-1 Multigroomer - Image 3


For complete body grooming, use a multigroomer with multiple heads to tackle unwanted body hair.


14 in 1 Chromium Multi Groomer 360° Image 36


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