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Dog Grooming Tips: 5 Top Tips from Tiff Saywell

Dog grooming tips from Wahl Ambassador Tiff Saywell.

The multi-award winning groomer with over 8 years of experience and owner of Brite Barks shares 5 tips for grooming your dog at home.
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How often should you groom your dog at home?

It all depends on your pet’s coat type, if you have a long/curly coated breed then they will need brushing every day. Short haired and double coated breeds won’t need as much brushing but try to do it at least every week to keep on top of them shedding. If you want more information on coat types or finding out what coat type your dog has, click here.  

How should you take care of dog’s paws and nails in between visits to the groomer?

Try to walk your dog on pavement, this will help file their nails down. If your dog gets hairy pads you can get some ball nose scissors to trim them or you can use Wahl trimmers to clip them out. When doing this make sure you secure your dog on a table, this will make it easier and safer for both of you.  

Should you groom your pet in the winter?

Yes absolutely! Dogs need grooming all year round, especially in the wet weather as they get dirtier and can mat quicker when their coat is dirty!  

What’s the best way introduce a puppy or a rescue dog to home grooming?

Do it every day, make it a routine for them. Try to make it positive by rewarding them with treats when they are being brushed so they know it’s a fun and positive experience for them.  

How should you groom a recently spayed/neutered dog?

Avoid washing them at home, do this prior to the operation. Don’t let the stitches get wet, they will feel tired and a bit tender after an operation so gentle brushing and handling is preferred. They will be licking themselves quite a lot after an op so it’s important you still stick to their daily grooming requirements or they will get matted.