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Dogs With Sensitive Skin – How To Groom

How To Look After Dogs With Sensitive Skin

dog scratching Dogs with sensitive skin will show signs such as scratching, redness and irritation. There can be many causes of sensitive skin in dogs from food to genetics. If your dog is showing any of these signs, you should consult your vet for advice and to check for any infection. There are a number of products we recommend when dealing with sensitive skin on dogs, as it is still important to maintain the health of their coat with a grooming routine.    

Use a gentle shampoo

One thing to ensure is that you are using grooming products with mild formulas designed to be gentle on skin. For example, you can use a dog shampoo such as the Wahl Mucky Puppy Shampoo, which is carefully formulated as a ready-to-use shampoo that’s gentle enough for the sensitive skin and coat of young animals. It’s based on natural ingredients including Aloe Vera for extra sensitive skin, with a mild cleansing action that will gently remove grease and dirt from the coat. [caption id="attachment_1775" align="alignnone" width="300"]Mucky Puppy Shampoo (ZX608) Image Mucky Puppy Shampoo[/caption] Alternatively, you can opt for a concentrated shampoo which requires dilution. The Wahl Aloe Soothe Shampoo will condition your pet’s skin; calming any irritation and relieving any skin issues as it cleans. Based on natural ingredients including avocado and coconut to moisturise the skin, and wheat germ extract to deodorise the hair, Wahl Aloe Soothe also contains aloe vera gel that will soothe and cool the skin as the shampoo gently removes dirt, grease and stains from the coat. If your dog is starting to smell but has recently been bathed, you can opt for a pet spray or cologne rather than shampooing them. The Wahl Professional Baby Powder Pet Cologne is formulated to deodorise and rejuvenate their skin and coat. It’s developed to soothe and cool your pet’s skin and contains Aloe Vera Extract which is ideal for pets with sensitive skin. [caption id="attachment_113200" align="alignnone" width="300"]ZY072 - Professional Pet Cologne - BABY POWDER 100ML - Web Hero Professional Pet Cologne - Baby Powder[/caption]  

Brush them regularly

When it comes to brushing your dog, you should ensure you do this daily to get rid of any dry skin that may be causing irritation. It’s also important to remember to do this before bathing your dog. The Wahl Nylon Slicker Brush is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. The bristles are formed with ball pins to ensure gentle grooming that glides through the coat and massages the skin. This will help to avoid irritating the skin any further with harsh bristles. [caption id="attachment_11923" align="alignnone" width="300"]Small Nylon Slicker Brush (58471-002) Image Small Nylon Slicker Brush[/caption] For short to medium coats, the Wahl Sheddy Brush is also perfect for sensitive skin. This brush has large rubber teeth that will gently remove dirt, debris and dead skin/fur, while soothing the skin and helping to stimulate blood circulation. Whilst brushing your dog, be sure to look out for any signs of discomfort particularly around irritated skin. We do not want to cause them any distress whilst grooming.  

Wipe their paws often

Dogs with sensitive skin may suffer with allergies. It’s a good idea to wipe their paws after a walk as this could help to remove anything that could cause irritation such as pollen. The Wahl Lavender Chamomile Dog Cleaning Wipes are made from natural plant derived cleansers, with a gentle alcohol-free formula. [caption id="attachment_26396" align="alignnone" width="300"]Dog Cleaning Wipes – Lavender Chamomile (820018) Image Lavender camomile pet wipes[/caption]