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Grooming A Puppy: 10 Tips for Professional Groomers

Puppy shampoo Grooming a puppy can be quite different to grooming an older, more experienced dog. Puppies are adjusting to the world and learning how to behave in different situations, which can make grooming tricky. Especially as they can be extra wriggly and nippy! We’ve gathered some tips from Wahl Ambassador and award-winning professional groomer, Tiff Saywell, on how to help young pups enjoy their grooming experience with you.  

Tip 1: TREATS!

Ask their pet parent to bring some of their favourite treats with them to use whilst they are being groomed. These can be used to reward good behaviour as well as keep them happy and focused. Sometimes, even a favourite toy or blanket from home will help to calm a nervous puppy.

Tip 2: Familiarity

Let them get familiar with the salon by allowing them to have a good sniff around. There will be plenty of new smells for them and they could become easily distracted by this.

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Tip 3: FUN!

Make sure bath time is a happy and fun time for them. Use a gentle shampoo that’s designed for sensitive dog skin.

Tip 4: Drying

When drying, some pups might benefit from a hoodie or towel wrapped around them to prevent them getting distressed by the noise.

Tip 5: Being handled

Get them used to being handled all-over before you begin grooming. This should be a key part of their first grooming experience.

Tip 6: Slow & steady

Go slow and steady. For their first groom, try to keep this nice and quick for them to allow them to get used to the experience without become overly stressed.

Tip 7: Low noise levels

Puppies will be particularly sensitive to noise, so use a low noise and low vibration clipper or trimmer.

Tip 8: Always supervise

Always use loose restraints when grooming puppies to ensure they are safe throughout the process. You should always keep them supervised to avoid any accidents.

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Tip 9: Calming environment

If you find that the puppy isn’t relaxed, you can use a calming spray such as a dog cologne to help them settle.

Tip 10: A positive experience

Ignore any naughty behaviour and give them plenty of praise for good behaviour. Make sure they go home associating the groomers with a positive experience.   For more professional tips, follow @wahlanimaluk.