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Guest Post: Catch Up With The Wahl Style Team

Catch up with Wahl’s Style Team on what's happening in the industry, their words of wisdom and the styling tool of the moment.




It always comes down to learning, take your time in the beginning to learn your craft. The more knowledge you have the more you will enjoy what you do. Invest in your tools and equipment, having the right kit is imperative. Work hard and enjoy what you do - “Do it with passion”. Keep evolving and learn new skills, you will never know it all. Work hard and you will succeed. One of my favourite quotes is: “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” Vidal Sassoon. Diana Carson Alongside my love for the hair industry I also have a real passion for photography which has led me this year to photographing 5 British hairdressing award categories. I’m also working on my public speaking, my style of work, how to create good content and personal branding. During lock-down my partner (Laura) who trusts me 1000% with her hair, has been letting me test out any new ideas I have. I’ve been working on a new thought process to how I now approach colour work - a scalp lift blonde. Using the shape of the head and an efficient method to get the perfect lift. James Nicklin  


hair dresser using curling iron while styling hair in beauty sal My must have kit bag item is the Pro Shine Conical Wand. With this in my bag I feel like I’m ready for every eventuality in the salon, on set or backstage at fashion week. The Conical Wand gives you so much versatility one of my favourites looks is on a textured bob, I use it pointing in both directions to give a mix of tightness at either the room or ends. The shape allows the hair to have a more natural mix of wave moment and curl pattern compared to a traditional tong. Also, by stretching the hair wider along the barrel or tighter can achieve more differences in curl patterns. Josh Goldsworthy  


Just as expected clients are keeping their length longer however the other 50% are having ‘the works’ done. Warmer tones are creeping through just like the winter and clients are starting to relax into the new normal. There’s clearly still the anxiety up in the air with what’s going to happen next, but I personally think we may find ourselves on the way to fixing the lack of people wanting to join the industry. With so many households picking up the clippers for the first time and the constant zoom calls, Instagram lives and news reports hopefully inspiring young people to look into the hair industry and all the different avenues they could work in. James Nicklin