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Guest Post: Cornelia Panayiotou – Wahl Grooming Ambassador

Introducing our new Wahl Grooming Ambassador, Cornelia Panayiotou. Owner of Lila Loves and and professional dog groomer! [caption id="attachment_141124" align="alignnone" width="300"]Cornelia - Wahl Grooming Ambassador Cornelia Panayiotou, Wahl Grooming Ambassador with Lila[/caption]


I love using the Wahl De-shedding Tool. It's easy to use and VERY comfortable to hold because of the soft handle but it removes a lot of loose hair. I love to see the amount of hair it can shed! Owners are always shocked at the amount of hair it can remove! For groomers it's a great tool also as it has bristles for short and long hair de-shedding so it's a 2 in 1 product. I would use the Double Row Rake and Shedding Blade tool before you wash your dog and then after you wash too. When you wash your dog it can loosen the hair more so to use before and after is always a good tip!


I have started doing tutorial videos on my Instagram account to make home grooming easier for owners to try themselves. I have also been giving out tips and hints on grooming and dog related advice. I can see the future for dog owners to be grooming their dogs at home more or in between grooming appointments. There are lots of tips to get online which makes it much easier for owners to try. Trends in salons are different and owners are asking for Groomers to use dye colours and different designs for a more unique look for their dog, there I can see a bigger market in this type of grooming. To keep up with new trends I follow a number of Instagram account to see what the trends are in America and Asia especially. What owners are interested in and what the needs and trends are.


Just try and give it a go! Follow my Instagram account for tips and advice. My favourite quote is: "The secret of getting ahead is getting started".