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Guest Post: Sam Campagna – Wahl Education & Artistic Team Member

Sam Campagna Catch up with Wahl Educator and owner of Alternative Barbering Co.  Sam Campagna on what's happening in the Barbering industry.



Firstly, I hope you are all well and business is heading in the right direction for you.  Lockdown and post-lockdown has given us a lot of time to reflect, recharge and react! Personally, I felt the industry was at an almighty high pre-lockdown; Great exhibitions, tool launches and a genuine love for where the barbering game was heading.  This upward trend could be seen within barbershops globally. Visually, they were upping their game on social platforms and in turn showcasing care and gratitude for our industry, predominantly casting a aura of positivity.  Things have changed. I found a certain irony in the #BARBERLOVE.  It’s a #BEKIND equivalent in the barbering world. With people flouting the rules, barbers leaving salons to go mobile, and a slowdown in business. The social media world erupted with a Mike Tyson like uppercut of opinions, somewhat casting a dark cloud in what is usually a tight community. Like the friendship in the film “THE HANGOVER’’, everyone is different, but we have something that brings us together. Instead, I scrolled through comments, feeling like I was reading a dialogue from a fight of the ex-heavyweight champion of the world. Opinions are important, but I think we should always bear in mind there’s a person behind the keyboard. So let’s bring back the positivity of #BARBERLOVE aka #BEKIND. Perhaps we're just missing out on seeing each other and vocally communicating and sharing opinions and experiences? Tyson won most of his bouts in the first few rounds by going in hard and fast regardless of how reckless it seemed - most of the time it paid off. However he was often outdone and outsmarted by the people who were patient, sat back and focused on their own strategy.




At the moment, I’m really enjoying experimenting with the Wahl Magic Clip. Having seen a shift in trends, it's has really helped me discover new techniques. Remember, it’s at it’s best on lower guards and on the skin, so great for blow out tapers.




I am confident the industry will come back stronger and I’m exited to be part of the emerging online education platforms. I really feel these education platforms are positive steps in helping us move forward in these unprecedented times.   I’ll leave you with my favourite quote: ‘’There’s no such thing as perfection, only the evolution towards it.‘’   Sam Campagna Wahl Education & Artistic Team Member   Follow me: @sam_campagna