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Guest Post: Simon Shaw – Wahl Global Artistic Director

Catch up with Wahl's Global Artistic Director: Simon Shaw.  Simon Shaw 2020


Hi guys. I hope you’ve all been keeping well over the last few months! It’s not always been easy to stay motivated during these times, but to keep me going I’ve really been working on my IT skills. I’ve had to make time to improve and investing into new technology has really helped (I’m loving my new iPad Pro – it’s made it so much easier!). I’ve learnt new things on Instagram, especially how to take better photos! I’ve also learnt how to present on screen. OK it sounds easy! But it’s so different especially reading messages and looking at other screens for directions from the show’s producers. I think I’m getting there though! Make sure you tune in to my show, BARBER’S ARMS every Friday at 8pm live on Instagram & Facebook. I’m excited to fill you in on what else we have coming up! On the 6th September we’ll be delivering a day of free online education from some amazing UK talent. Next up will be a global first! Tune in for 24 hours of education from around the globe – that will be happening on the 20th Sept. Details of both events can be found here.  


Learning is so important in these difficult times. Find the right online education that motivates you and inspires you.  


I love the Cordless Detailer – so good for lining in and shaping up! Also great for fringes. Be careful not to use too much pressure with it and the results are amazing.  


Our Pure Wahl Collection: The Mode, The Teardrop and The Lloyd. If you haven’t checked them out yet, watch this. I’ve worked on these styles for the last 12 months to master them.     I’ll leave you with this quote. “Never forget who helped you in difficult times, who left you in difficult times and who put you in difficult times!”   Simon Shaw Wahl Global Artistic Director   Follow me: @simonshawwahl