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Guest Post: Tiffiny Saywell – Wahl Grooming Ambassador

[caption id="attachment_137576" align="alignnone" width="300"]Tiffany Saywell - Brite Barks Tiffiny Saywell, Wahl ambassador in her grooming parlor Brite Barks.[/caption] Meet Wahl Ambassador, Tiffiny Saywell. Owner of Brite Barks and an award-winning professional groomer!  


I love the Bravura Trimmer because it’s been so reliable for our busy salon and it's quiet which is great for nervous or young dogs that are new to grooming. It makes our day so much easier as it’s such a versatile product as the blade changes from No.9 to No.40. Plus, the battery lasts all day! I use this product for all our hygiene work and finer work like ears, feet and face. I would also recommend the Wahl KM cordless clippers for everyday grooms and taking bulk off coat. Top tip: Remember to regularly oil the blade, this will help it last longer!  


We have been doing more online webinars, competitions and communicating with clients and groomers more online since COVID19. This has been a challenge as its new for everyone but it’s been a great experience and its more flexible for our busy salon routine, and we have learnt lots from it! I think online webinars and competitions are going to become more popular as its more available for groomers and you can do this from the comfort of your own home or salon. There’s no need for travelling or spending loads of money and you get the opportunity of watching well known dog groomers from all over the world. My advice for keeping up with new trends is to do lots of research, watch online webinars and attend seminars. You can ask questions and advice on dog grooming Facebook groups, and talk to other local dog groomers about it!  


Attend as many seminars and competitions as possible, you learn and meet so many people from this who become friends and you can help and support each other. The dog grooming industry is a great community to be a part of. When I first started dog grooming at a local dog groomers, I was advised to always invest in good quality equipment, and to look after it and get it regularly serviced. I have found this has always been the best advice I have had, as it always makes your day easier when you have reliable products. Check our Professional Grooming tools and Pro Grooming Accessories.