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Top 10 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool In Summer

How To Keep Your Dog Safe In Hot Weather

golden retriever in summer While we may be looking forward to some glorious sunshine, let's make sure our furry friends are ready to enjoy it with us. We've put together some helpful tips to keep your dog safe and happy in this warmer weather.
  1. One for you and your dog - carry fresh water with you at all times! Just like us, dogs will get thirsty in the heat so make sure they have easy access to water.
  2. Too hot to go for a long walk? Take your dog for a little swim instead. This is still great exercise for them, but will help them to not overheat.
  3. Salty water may dry out their skin, so make sure you give them a good shampoo afterwards.
  4. If you're not near the beach, set up a little paddling pool in your garden to give them somewhere to cool off.
  5. Tangle free coats are important in warmer weather too keep them cool, brush daily to avoid dirt and mats.
  6. Fleas and ticks can be rife in summer, comb and brush regularly to check their coats.
  7. Take care of their paws, a little trim and tidy will keep them free from dirt and disease.
  8. Check pavements. If the ground is too hot for you, it's too hot for their delicate paws! Try the 7 second test as recommended by Dogs Trust.
  9. If you're going to be outside for a long period of time, make sure you provide some shade. An umbrella or under a table would be sufficient.
  10. Last but not least, never leave your dog in a hot car. Even with the windows down this can be dangerous for your precious pet.
Follow us on Facebook and for more tips and guides. Some coats may require clipping or trimming, particularly those with longer coats. This can also help cut down on the time you need to spend brushing them - see our home clipping and trimming how to videos.