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How to make sure your clients know your barbershop or salon is safe

Now is the time to focus on building your clients’ confidence up so that they feel safe and comfortable enough to return to your barbershop or salon. You’ve already put in the hard work to put your safety measures in place, but have you given thought about communicating this to your customers? These tips may seem obvious, but in this climate it’s important to not overlook these little things that could make a big difference when it comes to ensuring new and returning customers:   Barbershop retail range

Before they book

Social media is key! Communicate the hygiene measures you’ve put in place to your current as well as prospective clients, as it’s more than likely they’re checking out your profile before booking. Showing these measures will encourage customers to return and feel comfortable doing so. You can also use images and videos to demonstrate what the service will look like when they come in, this may help to ease any anxiety that your customer may be feeling before they book.    

When they book

Provide your customers with guidance when they book with you, whether that’s over the phone or via email or text. Make it clear what is expected of them (for example, wearing a mask throughout the service). You can also take this opportunity to remind them of your new safety process. Some clients might be anxious about not knowing what to do when they arrive – do I wait outside? Do I go in? Will they take my temperature? Help to ease this by making sure this is laid out clearly to them.   antibacterial hand gel

During the service

When customers arrive at your barbershop or salon, make sure it’s obvious to them that all precautions have been taken. For example, make sure they see you sanitise your hands before you greet them and wipe down the area before you seat them. Before they leave, mention to them about leaving a review of the service online. You could even follow up with an email or text to remind them to do this. Positive word-of-mouth can be hugely impactful, and this could help to encourage new customers to come to your shop.     The complete range of WAHL hygiene products are available now. Shop our 5 essential hygiene products here. Wahl hygiene products