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How to Shave Your Own Head

Step 1: How to Grip Your Hair Clipper

The first thing to do when wanting to shave your own head is to look at the way you grip a hair clipper. this is because the closeness of the shave is determined by the angle that you cut your hair. When working front to back, take an overhand grip. This enables you to control the angle of the blade, keeping it flush to the scalp for every stroke. When working back to front, take an underhand grip. This enables you to move the clipper freely in a smooth motion for harder to reach areas.  

Step 2: How to achieve a consistent cut

For the smoothest cut, always keep the surface of the blade flush to the scalp. This ensures you'll get a consistent cut without any pulling or snagging.  

Step 3: How to catch every hair

Whether you cut with or against the grain depends on the direction you are cutting from. For the ultimate smooth finish, it is best to cut your hair from various angles. This will ensure you catch every hair, no matter which direction it grows in.  

Step 4: How to cut difficult areas

The contours of your head will vary with bumps and dents. Work the corner of the clipper blade in short strokes from various angles to get into all of the contours of the head. This will prevent any patches that may be left longer or appear darker than the rest of your head.  

Step 5: How to stretch the skin for a smooth cut

The key to a smooth cutting experience when trying to shave your head is to always ensure the skin is pulled tight in the area you are cutting. Pulling the skin tight will prevent the clipper from catching the skin and allows the blade to glide smoothly over your head. Simply place your hand below the area you are cutting and pull the skin down until it feels tight on your skull.  

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