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Love Your Pet Day: 4 Ways To Show Your Pet How Much You Love Them

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It's Love Your Pet Day!

We don’t really need an excuse to show our pets some love, but it is Love Your Pet Day! This year more than ever our pets have been there for us and kept us happy, so let’s show them some appreciation. Here’s a few ways to share your love on Love Your Pet Day:  

Be active with them

This could be going on their favourite walk or a good, long playtime with them. You could also do some training with them or teach them a new trick. It’s always good to ensure your pet is kept active and their minds engaged.  

Give them a special treat

This could be a favourite treat from the local pet shop or you can try baking some homemade treats! This doesn’t need to be an edible treat, you could also buy or make them a new toy to play with.  

Enjoy some downtime

After you’ve spent some time being active with your pet, don’t forget to sit down for a cuddle or let them relax in their bed – after all they enjoy this as much as we do!  

Try some pet pampering

Grooming your pet provides a great opportunity for bonding. Take some time to give them a good brush and even bathe them if needed. Grooming can also be very relaxing for your pet, as you can massage their body at the same time. It’s a good idea to check and groom any areas that need extra attention such as their paws.  

To create the perfect pet pamper day we recommend:

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