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Maintenance Guide: Keeping Clippers & Trimmers in Good Condition

Maintenance Guide: If you want your clippers and trimmers to last, it's important you know how to take care of them. Here is a quick maintenance guide on how to keep your clippers and trimmers in good condition.

1: Use the Cleaning Brush

After each use, whisk away any loose hairs from your clipper or trimmer and brush away the hair from the blades. By doing this immediately you can prevent hair from clogging up the clipper/trimmer over time.

2: Clean with Hygienic Spray

Once free from hair, keep your clipper and trimmer blades lubricated, clean and free from bacteria with our WAHL Hygienic Spray. Wipe the blade with a soft slightly damp cloth to remove any excess spray that might have built up. blade maintenance

3: Oil your blades

For the best results, put one or two drops of WAHL Blade Oil on the blades after every use. Motor bearings are permanently lubricated - so do not attempt to oil those. Focus your attention on the blades only. When oiling your clipper or trimmer, turn it "ON" with the blades facing DOWN and squeeze one or two drops of oil onto the blades. Wipe off excess oil with soft cloth. Purchase the  blade care accessories for your Wahl clipper and trimmer here.