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New In: Professional Pet Colognes

Introducing our range of Professional Pet Colognes, available in 4 different scents.   ZY073 - Professional Pet Cologne - CHERRY 100ML + 500ML - High JPG Cherry - A vibrant, fruity fragrance composed of sweet cherry enhanced by hints of spice and vanilla. 100ml / 500ml SHOP   ZY071 - Professional Pet Cologne - PEAR 500ML + 100ML - High JPG Pear - A rich, fruity pear fragrance with supporting top notes of apple, pineapple and strawberry leading to a spicy floral heart of jasmine and clove, with a base of musk and dry fruit. 100ml / 500ml SHOP   ZY070 - Professional Pet Cologne - COCONUT 100ML + 500ML - High JPG Coconut - A soft and natural smelling coconut fragrance with a hint of sweetness. 100ml / 500ml SHOP   ZY072 - Professional Pet Cologne - BABY POWDER 100ML + 500ML - High JPG Baby Powder - A rich, powdery baby fragrance opening with geranium, ylang-ylang and freesia. Supported by a heart of rose, mimosa and violet resting on an intensely powdery base of vanilla, Tonka, sandalwood, patchouli and dried flowers. 100ml / 500ml Keeping your pet smelling fresh brings numerous benefits. Firstly, it enhances their overall well-being by reducing skin irritations and potential infections, promoting healthier skin and coat. A clean-smelling pet is more enjoyable to be around, fostering closer bonds with family and friends. Regular grooming and hygiene routines can also help in early detection of health issues, ensuring timely vet visits and treatments. Fresh-smelling pets are likely to receive more positive attention in social settings, contributing to their confidence and sociability. Moreso, a pleasant odour can alleviate discomfort for sensitive individuals, making interactions with your pet more pleasant for everyone involved. SHOP PET COLOGNES HERE