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Pet Clipping at Home: Q&A with a Professional Groomer

If you’re new to clipping your pet’s hair at home, we understand you might have a lot of questions about the process! To help you get started with pet clipping at home, we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them with the help of professional dog groomer, Cornelia (@LilaLovesDG).   Cornelia - Pet Groomer

Can I use clippers on my pet?

Before you make the decision to clip your pet, you should consider their coat type carefully. For example, it’s generally not necessary to clip a short coat. Double coats should also be left to grow, as both layers of the coat are needed for regulating their temperature. If you’re unsure if clippers are suitable for your pet, check out our coat guide here.  

Can I use clippers on my pet’s face?

It’s recommended that you use trimmers on your pet’s face as they have a smaller blade which is ideal for the more intricate areas. Areas on the face that can benefit from trimming include the eyes, ears and mouth. This can help to keep your pets face clean and can also be more comfortable for them. Recommend for face trimming: [caption id="attachment_149350" align="alignnone" width="300"]Trimmer & Detailer Trimming Kit Pet Trimmer & Detailer Trimming Kit[/caption]  

What’s the difference between a clipper and a trimmer?

A clipper has a larger blade designed to be used for clipping the whole body. A trimmer has a smaller blade which makes it better suited for small areas, like the paws and face. Pet Clipper:  [caption id="attachment_102113" align="alignnone" width="278"]Wahl SS Pro Dog Clipper SS Pro Dog Clipper[/caption] Pet Trimmer:  [caption id="attachment_5993" align="alignnone" width="244"] Pocket Pro Dog Trimmer[/caption]  

At what age should I start grooming my pet?

It’s a good idea to start getting your pet used to being groomed from a young age. This will ensure that they are comfortable being handled and won’t find the experience stressful. If you’re taking your pet to a professional groomer, you’ll need to ensure they are fully vaccinated.


How should you clean electric clippers?

You should clean your pet clipper after each use help prolong the blade life and maintain the cutting performance. This can be done by first brushing off any dirt and leftover hair using the cleaning brush in your kit. Next, apply a few drops of oil along the blade. Watch this video for more details on how to oil your blades.  

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