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10 Reasons You Need The Wahl Aqua Blade

The Wahl Aqua Blade is the only blade you will ever need. Here’s 10 reasons why:

1. It works for any style of facial hair

Put it this way, if any of the following describes you, you need the Wahl Aqua Blade!



Have a beard

Like a close shave

Maintain short stubble

Like to change between facial hair style

The list goes on… but you get the idea.


So, if you’re unsure on what trimmer to buy, this is a no brainer.


2. Lifetime Guarantee

Yes, you read that right. We guarantee the blade for life, so you’ll never need to buy a replacement blade again.


3. It’s fully washable

Whether you prefer wet or dry shaving, in the shower or over the sink, you can use the Aqua Blade anywhere and simply rinse it clean when you’re finished.


4. You’ll never be stuck without charge

Never trim in fear of running out of charge again. In just 1 minute of charging, the Aqua Blade is ready to use for 3 minutes. Not that you’ll need that, with the 180 minute battery life.


5. It’s 60% closer cutting

Get a close shave, without the irritation of a razor with the blade which cuts 60% closer than our standard blades.


6. Versatile styling

With 12 attachment combs, you can trim your facial hair to any style or length.


7. Take it anywhere

It’s safe to take your Aqua Blade anywhere, thanks to the handy travel lock feature.


8. A comfortable trim or shave

Put an end to awkwardly holding uncomfortable trimmers. The Aqua Blade has a soft touch grip and designed to be comfortable for use at any angle.


9. You’ll never look back

Even if you change your style in the future, the Aqua Blade will still be the only trimmer you’ll ever need.


10. It’s only £59.99!

Save 1/3 on the Aqua Blade for a limited time only. Not bad for a the only trimmer blade you’ll ever need.


*Offer ends 31st Dec 2020



What are you waiting for? Buy it now.