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5 Reasons Why the Chrom2Style Clipper Should Be in Your Toolkit

With a durable diamond blade more than 40 times more durable than a standard blade, the Chrom2Style Clipper is perfect if you’re looking for superior quality and reliability. With a powerful, rotary DC motor this clipper makes light work of a hard day at the salon.

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Here’s 5 reasons to have the Chrom2Style Cordless Clipper in your toolkit:

It’s Cordless & Fast-Charging

Not only is the Chrome2Style clipper cordless, but also its advanced lithium ion battery technology provides fast charging and consistent cutting power with up to 120 minutes run time on a single charge.

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It’s Ergonomically Designed

The Chrom2Style has a curved edge handle that automatically guides you to the clippers centre of gravity, allowing gentle, fatigue-free working from the wrist.

Man having a haircut

It’s Durable & Long-Lasting

The innovative carbon-coated Diamond Blade is 40 times more durable than the standard blade for longer lasting cutting performance.

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Easy to Use & Maintain

The Chrom2style’s quick-release blade system is washable for easy cleaning and features a variable taper for multiple cutting lengths.

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Speedy & Efficient

With a chip-controlled motor built to maintain speed when cutting through thicker hair, the Chrom2Style is designed to prevent clogging or pulling.

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