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5 Reasons Why You Need the Wahl Styling Iron

The Wahl Style Collection Styling Iron is a must-have thermal styling tool for salons and hairdressers.

Built for effortless styling and curling, the styling iron has been expertly designed to live up to the demands of a busy salon environment, and dynamic enough to create hair that lives up to life.


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1. Multi-Purpose Styling Tool

With contoured ceramic plates, this styling tool is ideal for creating smooth curls, waves or sleek straight hair.

Woman having her hair styled

2. Ceramic Contoured Edges

Reducing the risk of snagging and damage to the hair.

woman having her hair styled

3. Optimum Heat Auto-Setting

Protect the hair from heat damage with lower heat settings on finer textures and deliver the same unbeatable result.

tool temperature options

4. Tourmaline and Ceramic Coating

Helps protect the hair, providing a shinier and silkier finish.

woman having her hair styled

5. Single Stroke Styling

Distributes heat quickly and evenly, proving fast heat recovery for flawless results.

woman having her hair styled