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7 Dog Grooming Products Every Pet Owner Needs

Every dog owner knows the struggles of keeping these loveable dirt-magnets clean. Having the right tools in your DIY dog grooming kit can make cleaning your mucky pup easier on you and your pooch. By grooming and bathing your dog regularly at home, you can not only strengthen your bond but leave your dog feeling safer and more comfortable with the experience.

Here are 7 Dog Grooming Essentials Every Pet Owner Needs:

1. Brushes

Dog brushes are an essential tool to have within your dog grooming kit. Frequent brushing will help a dog to shed less and have a healthy-looking coat. Less shedding also means less pet dander that can cause allergies. Brushing a dog can also relax them which makes the entire grooming process a lot easier.

Wahl have a range of brushes suitable for all breeds and hair types. To find the right brush for your furry friend read our Dog Brush Guide.

Wahl Pet Brushes

2. Shampoo

A smelly and dirty dog is a sign of a good day out! However, now you need to tackle a good deep clean. Fining a good quality shampoo that has no harsh chemicals is essential in keep your dog’s skin and coat both healthy and moisturised.

Wahl’s Pet Shampoo range caters for various skin types, coat types and colours, so no matter what dog you have you can have a shampoo that suits them and delivers amazing results. Our shampoos are formulated to be kind to animal’s skin and coat, using natural ingredients and free from potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, silicone and alcohol.

Need help deciding which shampoo is right for you pooch? Find out here.

Animal Shampoos

3. Conditioners & Detanglers

Applying conditioner after a bath is optional however it can be extremely beneficial for dogs with longer fur. Dog conditioner can help prevent knotting during brushing. It can also replace oils in the dog’s fur to ensure a shiny, soft and hydrated coat.

Wahl Easy Groom Conditioner is a ready to use product and contains a range of specifically formulated ingredients to leave you animal’s coat smooth and shiny without any grease or sticky residue. Its deep nourishing formula controls static as it smooths and detangles. The unique formula contains vitamin E to enrich, moisturise and protect.

To help with stubborn knots in a dry coat, Wahl Easy Groom Detangler is perfect for teasing out any tangles and knots without pulling the fur. It is a leave-in conditioning treatment that contains vitamins, proteins and minerals to nourish the hair while moisturising, for a smooth and silky finish. This pleasantly scented spray can be used on any coat type and is perfect for medium to long coats for brushing out.

Wahl Pet Grooming Conditioner & Detangler

4. Between Bath Pet Wipes

Pet wipes are perfect for cleaning your pet up after your pup has been up to mischief outside! They can be used on their paws, face, ears and body for quick touch ups to keep them clean and smelling fresh between baths.

Wahl’s Pet Cleaning Wipes come in two fresh scents, Coconut Lime Verbena and Lavender Chamomile, that keep your dog odour free!

Dog Cleaning Wipes

5. Nail Clippers

Cutting your dog’s nails is both an art and a science. Some dogs are more accepting than others, but any dog can be trained to tolerate this monthly task with a little persuasion (hint, treats).

Cutting the nails often and accurately will cause the quick to shrink, receding back into the nail. The quick contains blood vessels and nerves.

Avoid catching the quick as this can be very painful for your dog. For a dog with clear nails, it’s easy to spot the quick whereas black nails are often a bit more challenging. Choose our Wahl Nail Clipper with stainless steel blades so your pup’s manicure can be as quick and precise as paw-sible.

Dog getting claws clipped

6. Ear Cleaner and Cotton Balls

Just like us humas, our pets’ ears can get wax build up over time. Additionally, our furry friends love to run around and play outdoors where their ears will naturally gather some dirt and debris. When cleaning a dog’s ears, ensure that you use an ear cleaner that is safe for dogs. You can simply apply the cleaner using cotton balls and then wipe away any excess liquid.

Wahl Easy Ear Cleaner is a carefully balanced formula that will effectively remove dust, dirt and ear wax from your pet’s ears with little or no rubbing. A free-flowing cleansing fluid based on natural ingredients, Wahl Easy Ear Cleaner also includes Aloe Vera gel and menthol to soothe the ear, camphor to assist in reducing inflammation and eucalyptus to discourage ear mites and fleas. It is suitable for use on most animal ears and can be used as often as necessary.

dog having its ears cleaned

7. Between Groom Paw and Face Trimmer

Trimming you pet between trips to the groomers can play a part in your dog’s well-being. This doesn’t have to be a full groom but a simple tidy up for your canine’s comfort.

Wahl have a range of easy-to-use Pet Trimmers that are ideal for trimming the face, ears and paws. They are small size, making them comfortable to hold whilst concealing from nervous animals.

dog having hair trimmed

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